B2B Club Networking is about building relationships and helping its members to grow their business. There are currently two clubs, one is based in the Walsall area which meets for breakfast each Tuesday morning. The other is based in the Tamworth area and meets on a Wednesday morning. Each club is owned and run by its members who meet together once a week with the purpose of building relationships and generating business for each other.

B2B is the most successful business networking organisation in the Walsall, Aldridge, Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth areas and was created by forward thinking local business people to provide a support network for members. In 2010 Tamworth were the winners of the South Staffordshire Regenerating Award.

It costs £150 to become a member of a single seat club and this by far is the most competitive rate of any networking group. On acceptance by the group the new member agrees to sign a standing order of £40 (Tamworth) or £36 (Walsall) for the running costs of the group. There is also an annual renewal fee of £100. Visitors can attend two meetings before they decide to make an application for membership.

Free business advice and exchange of ideas with other local business people are the other key benefits of B2B membership. Because the group is owned by the members all monies generated are spent on training and social events for the benefit of its members.

We are here to get more business… Are you?